Clann Lir Academy offers classes for every ability level, starting at four years old.

Weekly class schedule varies by location, please see below. Classes at each location are available for students from all locations to attend. Private lessons are also offered on an appointment basis.


How do I register for classes?

  1. Review our dance levels to understand what level your dancer is at, or to determine what level your dancer should join Clann Lir Academy
  2. Review our class schedule and hours of class offered at each level, below
  3. Go to our Parents Portal to register, and pay tuition*
  4. Use our how to guide to help you register
  5. Your registration will be complete once payment is made and you receive a confirmation email!
  6. Review our Feis FAQs if you are a beginner competitive dancer
  7. If you need any assistance with registering, please email us at parentsportal@clannliracdemy.com

* Online registration and tuition payment is not currently only available for our Providence location

Class Schedule

Clann Lir Academy operates on a trimester schedule with a reduced Summer schedule:

  • Trimester 1: September – November
  • Trimester 2: December – February
  • Trimester 3: March – May
  • Summer: Regular June classes held along with Summer Camps

Additional workshops and classes are offered throughout the school year to prepare for major competitions and events.

Our current weekly schedule for each Academy is below:

View a printable version here

When do classes start for Fall 2022?

All regularly scheduled classes for every level will start as follows:

  • Hingham: Tuesday, September 6th
  • Middletown: Wednesday, September 7th
  • Scituate: Saturday, September 10th
  • Providence: No classes scheduled for Fall 2022

Can we start taking lessons mid-Trimester?

Yes! All new dancers are welcome at any time! Please email us at info@clannliracademy.com for more information or to inquire about joining mid-Trimester. Tuition is prorated for new dancers.

How many hours of class do you offer at each level?

The table below provides an overview of the hours of class offered for each level per week. Number of hours may vary by location. If you have any questions about our class offerings please email us at info@clannliracademy.com.

Level / Hours per week1 hr2 hrs4 hrs6 hrs8 hrs
Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Beginner (Competitive)
Advanced Beginner
Prize Winner


How much is tuition per trimester?

Tuition fees are based on the number of hours of class taken each week. Current rates are outlined in our Parents Portal and available for review prior to registering. You may create an account (without fully registering) to view current rates.

As an example, tuition for Beginner 1 (new student) for a 1 hour class each week, for a 3-month Trimester, is $255 + $50 registration fee.

The $50 registration fee is only charged once per year, per family.

Please email us if you would like more information at info@clannliracademy.com.

Is it possible to try out a class first?

Yes! If you are new Irish dance, your first class is free! Please email us at info@clannliracademy.com to arrange.

Are there additional costs after trimester tuition?


In consultation with the Parents Association, Clann Lir Association, a basic school uniform (black pants and top) has been adopted for all classes.


Appropriate footwear is required when taking Irish dance lessons. The type of shoe varies based on level. For 1st year dancers, i.e. Beginner 1, a ballet style pump or very light sneaker will be required.

Dancers past their 1st or 2nd year of instruction will begin to transition into ‘soft’ Irish dance shoes and ‘hard’ Irish dance shoes. This will happen in consultation with your teachers.

Additional Workshops & Classes

Depending on the dancers level and individual goals, additional workshops and classes might be recommended to prepare for competitions or other major events.

Private Lessons

Some students elect to take private lesson to further their instructions. These are optional and conducted in consultation with the Academy Director.

Dress Rental

Depending upon the dancers level, a dress rental may be required in order to compete at competitions. The dress is rented on a calendar year or as needed basis with a deposit required. Current fees are displayed in the Parents Portal and available for review.

Recitals & Other Events

Clann Lir Academy holds recitals in May, which requires additional rehearsal classes to prepare for. Additionally, from time-to-time, Clann Lir Academy brings in guest adjudicators to review each students progress at a Class Feis, which is typical held outside of the normal class schedule.

Other Information

Does every dancer have to compete?

No. Clann Lir Academy offers instruction for both competitive and non-competitive dancers. While we do encourage all our students to dance competitively, at a Feis, it is not a requirement and we have many students who take classes purely for the joy of learning Irish dance!

What amount of commitment does competing require?

Commitment varies by the level of dancer and age. As dancer progress a greater time commitment is needed to continue to progress and prepare for major competitions or a regional Feis.

Please review our Feis FAQs for more information.

Do you accept transfers from other Irish dance schools?

Yes! Please email us at info@clannliracademy.com for more information.